How our first published game became the cornerstone to everything else we’ve made. Supervirus sample picture

Every maker probably has a project like this, whether you are a developer, designer, carpenter, artist in any capacity. A go-to project that you understand so well, you can sit down and remake it in a different flavor in no time. Supervirus has been our key to learning since college.

Supervirus was our first idea for a game that we would release. I hadn’t published anything online before and had hardly done any web development. Sam, Aaron, and James brainstormed the original idea. Sam went off, made the whole thing, and published.

Since then, we’ve remade it 3 times. Originally, Sam wrote it in CraftyJS, then rewrote it in raw Html & Canvas. I rewrote it in Elm, and RJ rewrote it for Unity. It’s been a great tool to compare and contrast the pros and cons of different languages and tools. I never would have guessed that this first game would have such a lasting effect on us, and undoubtedly will continue to pay dividends.

If you’re a budding dev, or generally into exploration, make something small and silly. Remake it a million times. It doesn’t matter how good it is. It’s your tool for learning, even if others don’t see it as beautiful, you will always look on it fondly, and that’s what’s important, amirite?

Original code on Git : Play Now!